Getting Things Done (On an iPad)

Getting Things Done (On an iPad)
Photo by Samuel Bryngelsson / Unsplash

Well, what can I say: another day, another blog! Whats new this time you may ask. Well...

I write this not from my old and faithful MacBook Pro, but from my iPad (complete with keyboard and pencil of course). That's right. I finally ditched it!

The writing has been on the wall for a while, and frankly the only reason I kept it as long as I did was for the managment of large GoPro files and video editing in Final Cut Pro, but now that I have sold my bike (more on that another time) I won't be using the GoPro and so have no need of the MacBook.

So why the blog? Well, I lost months of posts thanks to poor backup managment, and I wanted somewhere fresh to write about the challenges differences. It's really that simple! So here's to a new adventure.

*Okay so I didn't so much as ditch as I did redistribute it to my eldest who really needed her own laptop for school work.