I Haven’t Got A Lot Done On An iPad

I Haven’t Got A Lot Done On An iPad

So, after my first post I really haven't had chance to accomplish much tech wise. I did manage to make a home office with the full intention of learning/bringing up to scratch some of my tech skills, but my job has just gotten in the way of that. A bummer but I have a really nice space to chill out when the time comes, and the girls have somewhere to do their homework.

But what I really want to talk about is my iPad-as-a-laptop setup. You see whilst I haven't really done anything I originally planned to do, I have used it for a bunch of "normal" tasks that includes a fair bit of keyboard usage... and I cheaped out on the keyboard. Let me give you this advice:


Of course I wasn't expecting Apple (or even Logitech) quality from a cheap Amazon product (this is the keyboard I bought), but holy...

  • It will often totally disconnect.
  • It will often just give up a function i.e. typing input is ignored but cmd+tab will work. Turning it off and on fixes this, but still.
  • It will often just ignore a few keystrokes. Most often the spacebar.
  • The trackpad is awful. Thankfully it can be disabled.
EARTO iPad Air 5th Generation Case with Keyboard, iPad Air 4th Generation Keyboard, Smart Trackpad, Wireless Detachable Keyboard for iPad Pro 11-inch 2021/2020/2018, iPad Air 5/Air 4, Black

Now — as I said — my expectations weren't high but but for nearly £50 I expect the keys to work and my frustrations to be low. I can handle clicky keys, the weight, the cheap plastic, but when you have to be super vigilant about simple things like the spacebar, it's a deal breaker for me. I did consider leaving in all the missed key strokes for this article, but I'm not that cruel.

I'm no keyboard snob connoisseur like @imyke but how this thing is getting 5 ⭐  reviews on Amazon I'll never know.

My cheap "Apple Pencil", well that's a different story...