My iOS 17 Wishful Thinking List

I know development on iOS 17 probably started before iOS 16 was even announced at, but here's my wishful thinking list.

My iOS 17 Wishful Thinking List
Photo by Daniel Romero / Unsplash
I've had some bright ideas since I originally wrote this article. They can be found at the bottom under the "Updates" section.

Look, I know development on iOS 17 probably started before iOS 16 was even announced at WWDC last year, but tht isn't going to stop me from making this last minute wishlist.

iPad Lock Screen complications a-la iPhone. Maybe even full size widgets.

Self explanatory. I want some glancable widgets on my iPads homescreen yo. I'm not even that arsed about the full-size widgets portion of the request. Just some slightly bigger, circular widgets will do me. On that front...

An unread message count widget please.

Come on! Low hanging fruit. Even Facebook Messenger has one.

A whole redesign of how you change and create lock screens.

It's just too complicated right now. The long press from the lockscreen needs to disappear, for starters. I can't tell you the number of times I've accidently been thumping my phone in my pocket only to pull it out to find that I've edited a lockscreen entirley.

We also need to be able to change the type of lockscreen more easily too. So say I want't to change from a single photo lockscreen to one that plays through multiple photos... that should be possible without having to create a whole separate lock screen where I then have to re-add my widgets. It's effort.

Situational widgets & complications.

What I mean by this is, say I have a weather widget (or complication!) set to show the chance of rain. Well, if there's no chance of rain I don't need to see that, so show me something more interesting instead, like the temperature. Or, with our new messages widget reading "0", maybe show us our calendars remaining events. You get the idea.

Different dock icons based on focus.

The dock is omnipresent, so give us some power over it. When I'm in work I need my phone, maps and notes within easy reach. The dock is the perfect place for them. But as soon as that work focus mode is off I want Apollo (my reddit app of choice), messages and Marvis (my music app of choice) within easy reach. The dock is the perfect place for them.

Please Apple, allow us to choose different docks like we can homescreens, lockscreens and watch faces based on Focus.

A default focus mode should be able to be set.

I want my default focus to be my "Personal" focus. Whenever any other focus mode is turned off, whether it be "work", "driving" or "do not disturb" I want "personal" to just be there, without having to creat a bunch of rules or automations.

I don't think any of this is a lot to ask for. In fact, it seems like quite low hanging fruit and I'm surprised that some of them weren't included with iOS 16 ā€” or at least the .1 .2 .3 or .4 updates.

I know the iOS 17 feature set is well locked in by now and that no Apple engineers will ever read this, but if they do, maybe we can get them in iOS 18?


Let me set what apps appear in what folders in the app library.

I'm an unapologetic app library user. It lets me keep my homescreen clean. But man does app library get some things wrong.

Siri Improvments (25/5/23).

Siri on iPad/iOS/watchOS. OMG it's so slow to reply to anything lately, but most annoyingly almost every request to control smart home devices (mainly lightbulbs) is met with Siri saying "on it", spinning for a few seconds and then maybe it will complete the request. Contrast that with the HomePod being pretty darn quick and the Apple TV being damn near instantanous, and it suddenly feels like wading through treacle to get anything done.

Don't get me wrong, I don't want any sort of ChatGPT style thing, I just want it to be quick for the basics and reliable.