My New Favourite App

My New Favourite App

And no, it's not Ivory by Tapbots.

It's actually Marvis Pro, a third-party app for Apple Music. But what's amazing about it is that it is almost entirely customizable. From its home screen, various sections that you can make and even the full-screen player view. Whatever you can envisage, you can probably make it. And if you can't the developer, Aditya Rajveer, is very responsive and open to suggestions on the app's subreddit.

Using some very powerful smart rules, you can make any section you can think of. The best comparison I can make is iTunes smart playlists but on steroids. Of course, you can also exclude certain items. For example, both my girls have their own playlists that are excluded from My Playlists but have their own section.

Of course, as with any power user app, there is a bit of a learning curve, and honestly, I can see why it would put a lot of people off. It put me off for a while, and I stuck with the actual Music app until I decided to just play around with Marvis to see what it could do. There are times I find I need to dive into Apple Music, but it's only if I want to download music to a device or delete a playlist, or a song from a playlist. Unfortunately, that's an API limit and nothing the developer can do about it.

Widgets, baby!

Possibly its biggest advantage over Apple Music is having proper widgets that can deep-link into the various sections you can make. They're vastly superior to Apple's own Music widget which will "intelligently" never show you what you want.

If you like music, and you consider yourself to be a bit of a power user, it's definitely worth the Ā£4.99 price tag.

Oh, and it looks gorgeous on the bigger screen of an iPad too.