Shellfish; an SSH Client

Shellfish; an SSH Client

One thing I often find myself needing in my niche of geek is an SSH client. Whether it be to connect to my NAS drive for plebbing around running software on there or to connect to the backend of this blog for setup or maintenance there is always a need to have one. However, I find that "need" to not be common enough to justify the expense of the industry standard Prompt — it's not expensive, I'm just cheap. I tried the freemium Terminus and whilst it was good, it seems to bug out with my particular brand of terrible keyboard (more about that here).

So I set about trying to find an alternative and I hit upon the — so far —excellent Shellfish. It's written by Anders Borum, the dev behind the much-loved git client, Working Copy.

So what's so great? Well, it has one often overlooked feature: it just works. Seriously it has what an SSH app needs.

  • Simple server configuration
  • Simlpe SSH key-gen and installation of public keys.
  • Face and Touch ID protection
  • Code snippets
  • Solid reliability
  • Simple interface

What more do you need from a client, really? And let me be dead honest... it is infinitely better than a plain old "ssh -o" command being run in a standard terminal window.